To be the world leader in the design, development and manufacture of the best quality, highest performing, most adaptable and affordable mobility products with the strongest warranties – in short, to provide the finest overall value in mobility equipment – for people with disabilities and mobility impairments. Pride Mobility Products® Australia, is committed....


... to our customers. We will design and manufacture the most stylish, durable, technologically advanced and highest performing mobility products in the world – superior products that allow people to enjoy more active, independent and rewarding lifestyles.

...  to our dealers/providers. We will continually work to maintain the highest level of support services: administrative support, sales-related customer service, technical service, product quality and timeliness of delivery. We are determined that working with Pride will always be a hassle-free and pleasant experience.

... to our employees. We will work together as a team and strive for excellence. We will treat everyone with respect, give each person an equal opportunity to contribute to our company’s success, while encouraging and supporting personal growth as well, and we will recognise and express our appreciation for those contributions.

... to our community. We will endeavour to be good citizens of the neighbourhood that surrounds and supports us by encouraging good works, charities, civic improvement and education. Education must include teaching the community, in word and deed, to recognise and utilise the abilities and skills of those with disabilities and mobility impairments.

We will not only strive for excellence; we will accept no less