Firstly, what is a scooter?
A scooter is an electrically powered scooter. If you have ever used or seen a pedal car or a go-cart, then the best way of describing a scooter is to say that it is a go-cart designed for people with restricted mobility. The good news is that you do not need to pedal any of our scooters - they are all powered by electric motors making mobility an ease.

Scooter options have come a long way within the last 20 years! Scooters are available in a range of sizes, usually in a 3 wheel or 4 wheel version, typically ranging from small, mid size and large. All scooters are fitted with handlebars (a ‘tiller’), an adjustable seat and are controlled by pushing or pulling a small lever on the tiller with your finger or thumb (depending on the type of controls): to stop the scooter you simply release your finger (or thumb).

Who would use a scooter?
Scooters are specifically designed for those who can no longer walk long distances – whether indoors or outdoors – but they also can cater to a range of different needs. For example, scooters are also widely used by people who have breathing difficulties or heart conditions.

Scooters are safe and easy to use. In all cases, a person using a scooter should be able to safely transfer on and off the scooter with little or no help. The scooter user should also be able to maintain their seated position without falling in any direction once seated. If you or the person who would be using the scooter is unable to maintain an upright position when seated, you may be better suited to a power chair.

In all cases, Pride Mobility Products would strongly advise you to seek further advice before purchasing any product.

Scooter sizes
Scooters are split into three sizes: small (or travel), medium (mid-sized) or large.

Example of a small scooter:        Go Go Ultra X Brochure
Example of a medium scooter:    Celebrity X Brochure
Example of a large scooter:        Pathrider 130XL Brochure

Scooters have personality!
As stated, mobility scooters have come a long way since inception. Safe, convenient and easy to use, scooters can now be customised to suit all personalities – just like a car! Depending on needs, Pride provides scooters with an edge such as our motorcycle look-alike Sportrider for the young at heart, to scooters with big personalities like the brightly coloured yellow Pathrider 140XL! Pride also provides accessories such as flags and rear bags for customisation.

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