Q: Where can I purchase my Pride Mobility product?
A: Pride Australia has a dealer network of over 250 retailers nationwide. Our head office is in Melbourne, Victoria with distribution centres located in New South Wales and Queensland. With an expansive reach over metro and regional areas, you can be sure our extensive dealer network will service your area. Please click the red RETAILER LOCATOR button on the top left hand corner of this page to locate your closest dealer.

Q: Can I purchase directly from Pride?
A: Pride is a wholesaling company only. You can easily purchase your Pride product from one of our friendly Pride dealers. To determine your closest dealer, please click the RETAILER LOCATOR tab located above.

Q: I have lost my owner’s manual. Where can I obtain another?
A: You can access owner’s manuals under ‘Resources’ tab. Alternatively, please click Here for link.

Q: Do Pride Dealers receive training on Pride products?
A: Before a retailer is signed as a Pride agent, they receive training from our staff which authorises the dealer as an official Pride distributor. Pride also holds training days throughout the year for more extensive technical training.

Q. How do I order a Pride Part (I am not a Pride dealer)?
A. Parts can be ordered through your local Pride distributor. Please use the RETAILER LOCATOR tab located above to locate your closest Pride distributor.

Q. How do I hire Pride equipment?
A. Please contact your local Pride dealer.

Q. What do I do if my mobility scooter or mobility aid requires a service or repair?
A. In the first instance, please contact the distributor you purchased the scooter from. The dealer will be able to assist you with the issue themselves or point you in the right direction of someone who can help.

Q. What are the Warranty Terms on my manufactured good?
A. Warranty terms vary from product to product. Please contact the person you purchased your Pride product and refer to the owner’s manual.

Q: Should I buy a scooter or power (electric) wheel chair?
A: Please see BUYER’S GUIDE for basic guidelines to making your mobility aid unit choice.

There are a variety of scooter and power chair options available, both devices bringing great freedom and independence to elderly or disabled users. Scooters are designed usually for those unable to walk long distances whilst power chairs manoeuvrability more suited to indoor use with light use outdoors.

For the right advice and a free in home demonstration please contact your local Pride dealer.

Q. Am I allowed to drive on the road or do I require a license to use my scooter or power chair on the footpaths?
A. Please read your owner’s manual and check your state traffic rules and regulations for specific rules and guidelines.