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Folding Scooter R Beauty 2-15 optional a

With the Quest Folding Scooter, the world is at your fingertips! With a unique folding design, this scooter folds in just three simple steps and fits easily in a cupboard, corner, or vehicle boot! Enjoy full lighting and speeds up to 6 km/h.


Quest Folding Scooter - Compact and clever

Folding Scooter R Beauty 2-15 optional a

Easy-fold design

Folding Scooter R Beauty 2-15 optional a

Seat armrests included


Perfect for those with an active lifestyle, ready for transport and easily folded and stored. The compact design simply folds down in just three easy steps and allows for convenient storage at home and for travel.

Sleek, compact and extremely easy to operate, the Quest Folding Scooter delivers a comfortable ride with a maximum speed of 6 km/h and per charge range of up to 20 km.

Quest Features:

  • 115 kg weight capacity

  • 82 cm turning radius

  • Up to 6 km/h maximum speed

  • Up to 20 km per charge

  • Unique folding design

  • Adjustable tiller

  • Easy to transport

  • Can be stowed upright or laid down

  • Articulated front end provides stability

  • Front and rear LED lighting

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