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If you’re seeking a chair that will add to home, look no further than Pride’s T-3 infinite-position power lift recliner. The T-3’s zero-gravity function enables you to elevate your legs to a point above your head, leaving you in a state of total relaxation.


T-3 - Engineered for zero-gravity comfort


Shown in Black

Black Leather.png

USB hand control


Premium leather finish

Engineered for total comfort, the T-3 infinite-position power lift recliner from Pride Mobility effortlessly reclines to a full Trendelenburg position that elevates the legs to a point above the head. Available in black leather, the T-3 has a 170 kg weight capacity.

T-3 Features:

  • 170 kg weight capacity

  • 69 cm back width

  • 48 cm seat-to-floor height

  • 51 cm seat depth / 51 cm seat width

  • Industry-first hand control with USB charger port

  • Quiet & smooth lift system

  • Infinite-position enabled

  • Integrated battery backup in case of power failure

  • Wooden frame composed of engineered furniture grade laminate/hardwood for added strength and durability


Zero Gravity Position

  • Lifted

  • Seated

  • Reading

  • Napping

  • Relaxing

  • Trendelenburg

  • Zero gravity


The zero gravity position, which can be achieved on infinite position Pride Lift Chair models, positions one’s thighs and lower legs higher than his or her torso.

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