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Pride Mobility versatile and high-quality Mobility Aids

Why choose a Pride® mobility aids?


We offer mobility aids for every person and lifestyle, including full-size luxury mobility scooters, compact travel scooters, dynamic power wheelchairs, stylish recliner chairs, and more. Discover why our products make Pride Mobility
the first name in mobility.

Easy to Use

Experience the simplicity of effortless controls that are state of the art. The Zero Turn series features Pride’s patented iTurn™ Technology to ensure smooth and worry-free operation.


Pride motorised scooters offer a multitude of great features that meet your lifestyle needs.
Models like the full-size Pathrider 140 XL and 3-wheel Sport Rider deliver style, comfort, and performance.


Our products are engineered and factory tested to ensure consistent and top performance. The Outback (pictured above) is our largest mobility scooter to date, offering high quality construction and proven durability.

Convenient Disassembly

Take your Pride motorised scooter anywhere with fast and simple disassembly. The Revo™ 2.0 allows for simple frame separation with one hand for quick transport.


Our power wheelchairs are functional and stylish. The Jazzy Air® 2 offers one-touch elevation to provide up to 30.4 cm of lift. This elevated power wheelchair offers enhanced environmental access and endless social benefits.

Jazzy Passport Electric Wheelchair


When looking for the best electric wheelchair, consider the manoeuvrability of a Jazzy motorised wheelchair which can navigate obstacles and smaller spaces. The compact Jazzy® Passport (pictured left) has plenty of storage and folds in just a few steps to make airport check-in a breeze.


The best electric wheelchairs are built to last. Our power wheelchairs are engineered for long-lasting durability and are subjected to extensive factory testing.


Pride motorised scooters are designed to be lightweight and easily transportable. The Go Chair® electric wheelchair disassembles into 5 pieces for maximum convenience.

Breakthrough Technology

Pride’s lift chairs are equipped with innovative, state-of-the-art technology that meets your comfort needs. Theorem VivaLift! Power Recliners feature a power headrest and power lumbar for a truly relaxing experience. Click here to explore the range!


Maximum Comfort

Experience customisable comfort at the touch of a button atop our premium power lift chairs! Stretch out comfortably with the footrest extension and enjoy total peace of mind with the lithium battery backup.

Luxurious Fabrics

Pride’s power recliners offer plush, smooth fabrics that exude style and class. Our lift chairs
are available in an array of fabric choices to suit your personal taste.

Lightweight Electric Bike

We manufacture a line of distinct electric scooters for adults made from proven componentry designed to handle tough Australian conditions. Bair Bikes covers everything from your lightweight daily commuter, to an authentic downhill carbon fibre beast and everything in between.


Click here to explore the range!

Diverse Product Range

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