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If you're searching for a power lift recliner that is the ultimate in style and performance, look no further than Pride Power Recliner Chairs. Our power recliners are designed to be a functional and fashionable part of your home décor.


Enjoy the ultimate in style & performance of Pride® Power Lift Recliner Chairs

Pride recliner chairs are the perfect blend of comfort and style, offering a luxurious seating solution that will enhance any home. Our recliners provide an effortless power lift system for easy movement and an attractive aesthetic to fit into your décor. Experience ultimate relaxation in these high-performance recliner chairs. Each lift recliner is built for quality and reliability, so you can enjoy it worry-free for many years to come.

No matter what style of lift recliner you enjoy, Pride is sure to have a model that will meet your specific needs. With so many styles, colours and materials available, it's no wonder we're Australia's #1 Lift Recliner Brand!

Featured Power Lift Recliners

LC-358 XL Power Lift Recliner Chair

LC-358 XL

The LC-358 XL is a 3-position, full recline, chaise lounger.

LC-101 Euro Leather Power Lift Recliner Chair


The LC-101 (Euro Leather) is a 3-position chaise lounger with a European-inspired rounded arm design.

T-3 Chaise Lounger Power Lift Recliner Chair


The T-3 is an infinite-position
chaise lounger featuring
Trendelenburg position.

C1 3-Position Petite Lift Chair


The C1 is a 3-position petite
lift chair.

3-Position Chaise Lounger Recliner Chair


The C5 3-position chaise
lounger with fully removable
upholstery components.

C6 Infinite-Position Chaise Lounger Recliner Chair


The C6 is an infinite-position
chaise lounger with fully
removable upholstery

C-101 3-Position Chaise Lounger


The C-101 is a 3-position chaise lounger.

LC-107 Infinite-Position Chaise Lounger


The LC-107 is an infinite-position chaise lounger
with extended length on the chair's footrest.

D30 3-Position Chaise Lounger


The D30 is a 3-position

560 3-Position Lounger


The 560 is a 3-position chaise lounger.

660 Infinite-Position Chaise Lounger


The 660 is an infinite-position chaise lounger.

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